Newport Rogovin Wedding 2001

Monique and Andy and family
Jen and Sue silly Astor's Guests Andy and Monique Astor Ball Room
at the table Audrey and Charlotte Audrey and Jen 2 Audrey and Jen
Audrey and Rusty Audrey and the beach Audrey and the sea Audrey Flower Girl
Audrey Flower Girl2 Audrey Flower Girl3 Audrey shares Audrey silly
Blurry Couples Blurry Martha and Tony Brad and Danny Brad and Terry
Brad bridesmaid Brothers brothers1
Brothers2 brothers3 Carol and Charlie Carol Charlie and Sam
Charlotte and Audrey dancing Charlotte and Jen Charlotte and Tony Charlotte in purple
Charlotte cousins Dan and Carol Danny and Carol
end of the evening Family Portrait1 Family Portrait2 Flower Girls
Flower Girls2 Flower Girls3 Grinnells Hair1
hair2 Jay Jen and Audrey Jen and Rusty Sunset
Jen and Sue Dark Alex1 Andy and Maggie1