Burning Man 2004

The Black Rock Arts Festival (Commonly known as Burning Man) defies all explanation, especially to the unitiated. It was Rusty's second year out to the playa. Highlights included the 40' ZIp Line without a safety net, Karaoke at 4AM, the fireworks, and the art cars and characters that come out of the woodwork. The Photos exhibited here are unretouched, unedited, raw, and from the hip, just like Burning Man itself. Truly a unique experience and if you like to camp and like to experience the inconceivable, I invite you to join me.
manburn dres ArtCars Bop
bop3 BowlingAlley BUrningMan egypt
fire flags GreenPeoiple guitar
JellyFish Landspeeder Landspeeder2 light
man (1) man MOnkeyChant night
Parthenon PillowFIghtClub2 Pilowfightclub Propane
RabbitPolitical RollerRInk SelfPortrair Slug
SpaceNeedle StaceyRustyBurn Stilts TeeterTotter
Temple21 templeburn Templehigh TempleIn
TempleOut TempleThrough twirl WaterDogs
waterdogs2 wire Zip Line