Fleet Week 2004

As a recruiter, I like to think we started Fleet Week early this year, with a Blue Angel Airshow in Salinas/Monterey, followed by Ship Visits in San Francisco. This year's highlights included a commissioning aboard the Blue Angel's airplane "Fat Albert" followed by a acrobatic flight in the aircraft. We also got to tell the Navy Story with several Ship tours and displays.
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Fat-albert-exterior2 Fat-albert-exterior3 Fleet wk 04 FleetWeekBoardSK2Barth
FleetWeekFOrmation Fleet-Week-formation FleetWeekNewENsign FleetWeekPlaneFront
FleetWeekPrebaord-Orvik FleetWeek-PreBoard-Venswencey FleetWeekPreFlight FleetWeekRamp
FleetWeekSK2Barth FleetWeekSwearingIn2 FleetWeekYN2Burton Flt Wk JJR Pearl Harbor
Flt Wk JJR Pearl Harbor2 Ted OrvikNov2004