Jordan Makaio Orvik

Jordan is the big brother in the Orvik Clan! He was a little early (5 weeks) but is making up for lost time. Both he and the parents are back from the hospital after several scary days of tests, tubes, and trials. He is a bouncing baby boy (just look for yourself!!) SO MANY THANKS to our family and friends for their support, encouragement and slave labor!! We will update this page OFTEN as he grows. By the way, go add /June2004 into the web adress along with this one to see his first videos!
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Angie-n-jordan Bobbie-n-jordan bud rust sue jord bud sue jord
Frank-n-jordan J-n-jordan J-N-jordan2 jo jord wash
jo jord wash1 jo last preg pic jo sees pics jord Jo-n-Jordan
Jo-N-Pacifier jord hos sleep jord hos sleep1 jord o2
jord packard jord packard1 jord packard2 jord packard3
jord wash incubator jord wash incubator1 jord wash jord wash1
jord wash2 jordan born jordan born1 Jordan Incubator
Jordan-eats- Jordan-Roll Jo-Relieved JOrdan Kay-n-Jordan
Lybnne-w-jordan-feb lynne jord packard lynne jord packard1 momsmall[1]
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rust announce rust jord packard rusty diaper packard Rusty-n-jordan
Rusty-n-jordan2 Ryan N-Jordan Scott-Lindsay-Jordan Scott-n-jordan
Sooz Jordan sue jord wash tiny jord eats tiny jord eats1
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