April 2006

April was a month of celebrations! We started with dinner at GG's for Ryan's birthday and incredible ice cream mud pie cake. Next was an early Easter with Kristina and Logan White, Sandra Brown, and Grandma in Blackhawk, and later that night, a surprise party for Grandpa's 65th birthday. The very next day was Easter with a YUMMY brunch at Grandma's, lots of family, and an egg hunt! Somewhere in there, Rusty and Jen went to Memphis, TN (actually, to Millington, where Navy Personnel and Recruiting are headquartered), and managed to see some sights between Rusty's work commitments. Graceland? Of course!
Towards the end of the month, the sun FINALLY made an appearance and we are loving the warmth. We planted the garden and moved into high gear training the vines in the vineyard.
Meanwhile, Jordan has discovered the "Terrible Twos," learning how to climb up the dresser and into the fish tank, escape from his crib, and unlock the lower stair gate all within 2 days. Precocious...or just plain TWO?...time will tell!
chocolate bunny chocolate bunny1 chocolate bunny2 chin kiss
dad jord computer dad jord computer1 e smile easter bh bunny jen jord
easter bh bunny easter bh hunt 1 easter bh hunt 2 easter bh hunt
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escape attempt2 GivesAHug jen arch jord makayla sand
jordan and jojo Jordan-Loves-Oranges 4 kids day bunny kids day cage
kids day cop light kids day copter 1 kids day copter 2 kids day copter 3
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KnowsHisName makayla draws morning mowhawk morning mowhawk1
morning mowhawk2 playing with linds and kris ryan bday blow candles ryan bday cake
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toddler bed