December 2006

December was all about celebrating the holidays and being with friends and family. Jen spent a week in Lyon for Game Connection 2006. At home, we celebrated at school, with our Las Madres buddies, with Kay during a magical evening, at our house, and at Frank and Bobbie's house. We also wished Scott and Lindsay happy birthdays, Jordan and had a great time taking down the tree.
all orviks happy baloo under tree bat head boys todd
daddy jord s hat fudge eat fudge pose jeremy jord park
jord sees tree first jord tree in car kate jord marbles 2 kate jord marbles
orviks todd dog potty with sue rusty chops school h party dad jord
school h party dad jord2 school h party kids school h party kids1 school h party kids2
school h party orviks sl bday blow sl bday kris jord sl bday linds jord
sl bday sl sues tree tree down garland play tree down garland play1
tree down sing tree hund happy jord tree hunt jord dad tree hunt jord dad1
tree hunt jord mom upside down in log very blury bounce wreath
BET brown bear school show hi tree pickles