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February 2006

apple boy 1
apple boy 2
apple boy
avi's bday avi komal
avi's bday balls 1
avi's bday balls
avi's bday beam 1
avi's bday beam
avis bday carmen jord
avi's bday circles
avi's bday jord daddy
avi's bday jord daddy1
avi's bday matt
bday bunny gift
bday cookie toy 1
bday cookie toy
bday eating cake 1
bday eating cake
bday elmo cake .3
bday elmo cake 1
bday gg smiles
bday jord opens
bday meeting Elmo 1
bday meeting Elmo
bday piggy face
bday puzzle
bday sue alice frank bob
bday table
beer 1
beer 2
beer 3
big laugh
block tower 1
block tower 2
block tower 3
block tower end
blonde 9er
bye bye bag
cdm balls 2
cdm balls
cdm bubbles
cdm firetruck
cdm water play
cdm water play1
cdm water play2
cdm water play3
chilli car 1
chilli car
close to snow 1
close to snow 2
close to snow
cold swing
fish play jord jen 1
fish play jord jen
floppy bunny
flowers 1
flowers 2
flowers 3
flowers 4
flowers only
flowers yellow
frosting face 1
frosting face 2
frosting face black 1
frosting face black
frosting face
gg fish play 1
gg fish play 2
gg fish play 3
gg fish play 4
gg fish play 5
gg fish play
gym bubbles
gym grin
highchair sillies 1
highchair sillies 2
highchair sillies 4
highchair sillies 5
highchair sillies 6
highchair sillies
jord mommy valentine's day
jordan toy cow
light switch
loves elmo book
mom jord outside pink
new haircut
orca love
reading room
rusty and guys sing
sailor boy peeks
sailor boy rock
sailor boy stands 1
sailor boy stands
sailor boy
sailor looks like poppa
sailor trike
sailors two silly
sailors two sweet
silly kate
singing valentine
slide bottom
slide top
snuggle bear
star jasmine bw
sunny winter
valentine baloon 1
valentine baloon 2
valentine baloon 3
valentine baloon
visits cows 1
visits cows 2
visits cows
wagon stand
watching dog computer
Jordan is two!!! We really find it hard to believe that two whole years have passed since his early, crazy, scary arrival. He is thriving! We celebrated his birthday with family, a mellow party compared to last year, and he was quite happy that way. He enjoyed the sun and didn't really mind the cold when it came. But he doesn't like rain! We hope you enjoy these updates on our growing boy and we'd love to see you all very soon!