March 2006

23 days of rain -- a record where we live -- meant lots of time indoors, cold when we were outdoors, and multiple trips to the Children's Discovery Museum. Rusty, Sue, Dan, Jeremy and Stroker took an amazing trip to Belize and stayed warm for a while!
We're including video for the first time -- click the two videos below to see!
portrait 1 portrait 2 portrait 3 portrait 4
portrait 5 portrait 6 portrait 7 portrait 8
portrait 9 portrait 10 portrait 11 portrait 12
laughter half cold running bath frog bath leg
bath lounge bball boy big smile overalls big smile red pjs
big smile red pjs2 BlueAngels color guard BlueAngels diamond BlueAngels sue kris linds
BlueAngels wingtips boy kitchen floor cdm1 balls cdm1 suess
cdm1 water cdm1 water1 cdm1 water2 cdm1 water3
cdm2 jord balls cdm2 jord kate balls cdm2 jord kate carrie balls cdm2 jord kate sand
cdm2 jord kate sand1 cdm2 jord profile cdm2 jord sand cdm2 jord truck
cdm2 jord water cdm2 kate boat cdm2 kate boat1 cdm2 kate train car
cdm2 letterboxes cdm2 letterboxes1 cdm2 letterboxes2 cdm2 paint eat
cdm2 paint hand cdm2 paint wall cdm2 suess cdm2 train
cdm2 train1 chasing bubbles daddy jord kitchen feet up
flexi boy gpa and jord read hail car hail coming down
hail watch jord shhh laundry boy lm amy anjali kristy
lm anjali alka lm welcome tea ladies outside red ball sit n spin
sniffs jasmine