January 2008

January was birthday month!!! We celebrated with Joshua, Jacob, Katelyn, and Aunt Lindsay and Uncle Scott, and had a great time doing it!
i wanna be cool frank orca hullaballoo jake bday run
jord big grin jord mom saras  SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA josh bday car josh bday climb
josh bday jord bounce josh bday josh josh bday linds jord josh bday priya jord bounce
kate bday end kate bday kb kate bday my turn kate bday nessa
kate bday roll o kate bday run kate bday swing kate tunnel jord
linds bday cake help gma linds bday cake help linds bday gg linds bday j cake
linds bday s j l linds bday tada linds jord cuddle linds orca
monster boots happy bday scott linds jac bday fun kate worm