January 2016

The tail end of our California Christmas, Bruzzone Reunion, Christmas at home, and SNOW!
boots Rock City Mt D New Years Day Rock City Mt D New Years Day1 Rock City Mt D New Years Day2
Rock City Mt D New Years Day3 Rock City Mt D New Years Day4 Rock City Mt D New Years Day5 Rock City Mt D New Years Day6
Rock City Mt D New Years Day7 Rock City Mt D New Years Day8 Rock City Mt D New Years Day9 Rock City Mt D New Years Day10
Rock City Mt D New Years Day11 flowers for fun Bruzzone Bruzzone1
Bruzzone2 Bruzzone3 bruzzone bucket Bruzzone4
Bruzzone5 Uncle Jimmy Bruzzone6 Bruzzone7
Bruzzone8 Bruzzone9 Bruzzone10 Bruzzone11
Bruzzone12 Bruzzone13 Bruzzone14 Bruzzone15
Bruzzone16 IMG 7913 Bruzzone17 hair pic
t scott boys on stairs g m G wins
VA Christmas VA Christmas1 VA Christmas2 VA Christmas3
VA Christmas4 VA Christmas5 VA Christmas6 VA Christmas7
VA Christmas8 VA Christmas9 VA Christmas10 VA Christmas11
Jordan News Anchor1 Jordan News Anchor2 Jordan News Anchor3 braydn bday
Braydn bday bowl 1st BS campout 1st bs campout light Jord first bs campout
1st BS campout1 1st BS campout3 1st BS campout4 1st BS campout2
new coat rc heli before snow snow 2 hrs
snow 3hrs Snow 4hrs snow 20 hours snow 24 hours
snow 27 hours snow 29 hours sun on snow 48 hours later before snow front
snow 9 hours front snow 20 hours front snow 32 hours front before snow front1
snow 9 hours front1 snow 20 hours front2 snow 32 hours front2 snowy porch
snowy porch1 G lost tooth snowy smile Roof snow cat
Roof snow cat1 Roof snow cat2 Roof snow cat3 Roof snow sunset cat
snow morning after ILY message 2016 blizzard 2016 blizzard1
2016 blizzard2 2016 blizzard3 2016 blizzard4 2016 blizzard5
2016 blizzard6 2016 blizzard7 2016 blizzard8 2016 blizzard9
2016 blizzard10 2016 blizzard11 2016 blizzard12 2016 blizzard13
2016 blizzard14 2016 blizzard15 2016 blizzard16 ipad timed
ipad timed1 ipad timed2 ipad timed3 ipad timed4
neighbor kids snow neighbor kids snow1 neighbor kids snow2 neighbor kids snow3
neighbor kids snow4 neighbor kids snow5 snow play db fn
db 1 db2 SnowballScoutFIght.mov Rummikub
slinky alex bday alex bday2 alex bday3