This August, Grant starts sophomore year and so does Jordan. Rusty goes with the Hearreans to Washington and go on adventures. - Silkies Bisbee Hike, bisbee, ESGR TEP, Fairchild, Lupe REmote Family Zoom, USSVI Motorcycle Ride, Grant TVHS Band Pot Luck.MP4 silkies, Seattle City Center HEarreans, Pikes PLace Gum Wall.JPEG, Jen 52nd birthday, blue wine, nugget, SeaFair 2023.JPEG, blue angels, Rose Canyon Lake, Yakima, washington, barrett, funcle, max, kellan, spokane, clear lake, Ralkph Jackie Visit Yakima, USSVI, TVHS Percussion Cadence, lazy susan, Map, ASU, Tempe, UofA Move In, Playformance JO Luke, Mt Lemmon, Summerhaven, Motorcycle Prepare to Ventilate


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