December 2023

This December, the Orviks finish up their required activities for the year, and are once again reunited. Grant performs his eagleproject to help a local cat shelter. Grant does well in school, with very strong work in challenging classes. Jordan finishes his semester great as well, while keeping a great job! Grant and Jordan perform super well at their music concerts, while being very entertaining to watch. Jordan and Rusty then set off on a wonderful adventure throughout Central AZ. They explored many locations there, and even got a tour of ASU. They then make the trek to NorCal via Edwards AFB, a new path. They then meet up with the rest of the family, who flies in later. Lots of family time and holiday celebration then follow, and we spent New Year's with the OrVigils. What an awesome month, next month will have a lot going for it, so stay tuned! - ESGR Award Raytheon, Yuma, Edwards AFB, Luke AFB, ASU, Joshua Tree, Southland Mall, Golden Skate, Glendale Glitters, Expert technical Course, Mountain Bike, Round 1, Mormon Temple, Lawrence Hall of Science, Sisyphus Move Boulder,Its Not Easy Being Green, DoJo Tucson Murals, Westgate, Tempe A Mountain, Central City DoJo, Coast Guard Island Cutter Visit USCGC Munro, Jack London Square , Golden Skate, Anya, potato sack race,Kay LIfe Savers, Capitola, Tiffany Court Holiday Concert, Chipmunk


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