July 2023

The Orviks continue their awesome summer adventures this July! They see lots of family in NorCal. They even see a couple friends. They celebrate the 4th with a lot of family throughout the day! Afterwards, they celebrate (even if it is not a big celebration) GG/Angie's 106th birthday!! They spend a couple more days there, then Jen, Jordan, and Grant head home for Tucson. Rusty stays behind with family for a couple more days before going on a motorcycle ride with Jay and Dan in Yosemite! Meanwhile, the rest of the Orviks hang out in Tucson, see the cats, and explore. There is a lot of monsoon and beautiful sunsets! However, that did not stop the heat from being a problem. Grant attends band camp as bassline section leader! As this is going on, Rusty heads up to Washington State again to hang out with Dan, do some work for him, and see the Hearrean family up in Spokane. July was a very big month, and, well, the summer adventures are coming to a close. Grant begins school early on next month, Jordan soon after! - veterans coffee, Hearrean vacation, casey, 4th of july parade, tire, camp parks, fireworks, aptos, Kay fireworks, beer can beach, trampoline, bowling, san Damiano, greenbrook playground, danville museum, slack line, Kati fields, 7/11 day, slurpees, underwater, yosemite, motorcycle ride, mama zoom, richmond yacht club, Rosie the riveter, Al the wop, Locke, discovery bay, Seattle, sacramento, nugget, bicycle, Emily Doorenbos, Fairchild afb, Hiawatha trail, Spokane, Montana, Idaho, priest lake, tubing, paddle board, tunnel, boating, pontoon boat, mariners, baseball game


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