June 2023

This month was busy! The Orviks take a huge West Coast road and flight trip this month. It begins with San Diego, then the fam goes along the Central Coast, stopping by many neat places along the way. We then spend time with the OrVigils in Aptos and Santa Cruz before they go to Disney World! During that time, we spend lots of time hanging around SC and enjoying the glorious weather. After that, space-A flight adventures take us to Washington State! Exploring places like Seattle, Mt Rainier, Whidbey Island, and more! We then take a trip up to Vancouver BC for a day! After this trip we go to NorCal to briefly catch up with family. Then we travel again, this time to Reno for a submarine reunion and to see some family friends. On the way back we stop by to see some friends we have known for a long time. And now we are back in NorCal! Wow, what a month! Lots of traveling, but I think it's time to settle down. We still have awesome stuff coming up in July however! :) - J - San Diego, sea world, scripps institute of oceanography, Miramar national cemetery, tarmo RIP, tarmo roosild, tarmo gravesite, memorial day, penguin, submarine visit, uss alexandria, skyscraper tours, elevator tours, reno lake tahoe, andersons, lox, torpedo, downtown san diego, Seattle, Dan, Uncle Dan, Whidney Island, neptoon records, solvang, hans cristian andersen, wakeboarder, nas pt mugu, seabee museum, nsb bangor, oak harbor, vandenburg afb, rocket gantry, anya gymnastics, beach, OrVigil luch, doggles, one wheel, e bike, e-bike, pinnacles national park, mt rainier national park, olympic national park, redwood forest hike, rainbow, c-17, mcchord afb, jbm, travis afb, bamboo, record stores, vinyl, undergound seattle, space needle, monorail, subvets, naval undersea museum, periscope, vancouver, canada, lighthouse, reno, sparks, lak etahoe, whites, uss san franscisco, ssn 711, reunion, matthew kuritz, kuritz, boomer, hearreans, video games, stick driving, manual transmission, water balloon, star wars, orlando, ucsd


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